"Chi-Li was known as the most elusive and clever burglar in the Shantung area."

50 years later - Tales of Wang Jiao Yu

"After him! After him!" The town sheriff shouted commands to his group of nine deputized pursuers. "Don't let him get away! Chi-Li was known as the most elusive and clever burglar in the Shantung area. He possessed great talent and was trained in a very high skill of Chinese Martial Arts. He could easily leap across a canal over twenty feet wide or just as easily jump up eight feet to roof tops to escape capture. On many moonlit nights, villagers would watch in awe this agile, nimble, dark silhouette accentuated by the giant moon shining high above in the sky as he skipped from roof top to roof top with a bag of loot tied around his shoulder.

On this night, the sheriff and his deputies chased Chi-Li into a dead-end alley, which lead to an ancient temple. When the pursuers rounded the corner into the alley leading to the temple, they saw Chi-Li's figure lying on the ground, knocked out cold with no sign of movement. The sheriff and his men were amazed and puzzled as to what had happened to this lifeless figure lying on the ground before them. As they looked about the ground for some explanation to this puzzlement, they saw an old man sitting on the granite steps leading to the main entrance of the old temple.